The Strength of One

The Strength of One

Being visually impaired has proven to be no obstacle for Lou Campos.

After a truck accident caused Lou to alter his career path, he found himself at Bosma Rehabilitation, reevaluating his life.

“Giving up the keys was most difficult for me – I soon realized my vision is what had caused the accident,” says Lou Camps, now a Manual Skills Instructor for Bosma Enterprises. “Because I wasn’t able to see everything I needed to, I lost my job; later the doctors told me I had Retinitis Pigmentosa.”

When Lou entered The Bosma Rehabilitation Center as a client, he needed somewhere to channel his frustrations. Overwhelmed with where to turn next, Lou discovered a talent he never knew he had – his strength. Lou found himself a trainer and began channeling his frustration through weight lifting.

“My trainer advised me, with my build and my stature – the possibilities are endless,” says Lou.

Lou decided to give it his best shot and to no surprise, he began gaining strength – quickly. In just a matter of months, Lou began gaining 10 to 20 pounds of strength per week . He started by weighing 275 and then within three months was weighing a total of 308.

“In my mind, when I hear someone is 300 pounds –that is not healthy,” he says. “The kicker was, I was gaining a lot of muscle, in a lot of places and quickly.”

Now ready to compete, Lou began his strength-training journey in Canton, OH, by bringing home three state records.

When asked what his later goals for weightlifting are, he replied with a simple, “to break some more world records,” and that is exactly what he did.

Lou went on to compete in a nationwide competition hosted by the World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters, (WABDL), located in Las Vegas, NV. Finishing with a satisfying 578lb. dead lift and 486lb. bench press record sent Lou back home to Lafayette, IN with a shiny trophy in hand and two world records.

Not only is Lou an exceptional athlete, he is a coach, husband and father. With his two sons, daughter and loving wife beside him –Lou always finds the strength to persevere.

“At the end of the day, I do it for my kids,” he says. “I have to do something to keep me level headed.”


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