Lise Pace takes a brave plunge into Mini-Marathon training in this in Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives March blog

I think Spring is here—officially or unofficially! Today I took a really long walk with my husband by Eagle Creek.  It was really nice.  We walked on a really beautiful trail close to the Colts’ Practice Complex which made me think about the Super Scarves project we are doing at Bosma Enterprises.  Our knitters, weavers, and people who crochet have gone crazy crafting scarves for the 2012 Super Bowl volunteers.  We have about 13 scarves to donate with our goal being 25.  Everyone is so proud of their work and excited to be able to participate as a Super Bowl volunteer!  I am still working on my scarf.  I am about half way finished which is the farthest I have gotten without discovering a mistake and starting over.  I think this is the one that I will donate when it is finished. I know that I am not alone in wanting to give a perfect scarf to a volunteer.   All of us are trying to donate something really nice to the volunteers.

The reason I was walking is that I am on Bosma Enterprises 500 Mini Marathon team.  The team is made up of sighted and blind or visually impaired runners and walkers.  Our coach, who happens to be my supervisor, sold this activity to me.  I have not decided whether it was good or bad decision yet.  I will let you know after the race.   I am committed to finishing though—no matter what!  I believe I can finish if for no other reason than I am really stubborn.  The other reason I must finish is Bosma Enterprises is hosting the last Pit Station of the race.  Sixty wonderful volunteers from our organization will be there, cheering me on.

My coach has been playfully giving me a hard time because I will not be participating in a training race on April 9th.    There are several training races that will lead up to the big Mini Marathon race in May.  The race on the 9th is the same day as Bosma’s annual fundraising event at the Conrad, Dining in the Dark.  I am just not at a place in my life where I want to run 10 kilometers (unless I am running from imminent danger), put on a dress and heels, and host our esteemed guests at this function. I just do not see that happening—no matter how much I am cajoled.  Maybe next year I will have more of the “eye of the tiger’” and the running bug will bite me (all the higher functioning people on our team tell me this exists—I have significant doubt).  Not this year!







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