Redefining my Vision

Eric & Rachael’s journey through Bosma’s Center-Based Services and a sighted world

“Refining my Vision” is the online journal of Eric & Rachael – two client bloggers – who are currently going through Bosma Enterprises’ Center-Based Services. Here Eric & Rachael openly express their journey through a sighted world as a person who is blind or as a person who is experiencing a recent loss of vision. 

Click here to read what’s happening with Eric & Rachael

Meet Eric… 

Hello, my name is Eric.

I am currently a student going through Bosma’s Center-Based Services. Prior to attending Bosma, I worked for many years within the financial services industry.  I am from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I live with my beautiful wife of 18 years.  While at Bosma, I plan to gain the functional and adaptive skills to once again feel productive and independent. When not redefining my vision, I  enjoy books, cooking, and all manner of water sports.

Meet Rachael…

Hi, I’m Rachael.

I am amazing, enough said about me. I am kidding. I have truly enjoyed the outdoors ever since I was a little girl. To me… there is nothing like a home cooked meal, which I hardly ever had while I was in my undergraduate. It wasn’t until I got my own apartment before I started grad school, that I regularly got a home cooked meal. I will try everything and anything at least once. I would rather smile and be positive then be mad and angry about my visual impairment. I will talk to anyone and believe, if I don’t make one person smile a day, I didn’t accomplish anything. My passion is working with children and others with special needs. As for getting to know me, all one has to do is just ask.

Click here to read what’s happening with Eric & Rachael


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